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Looking for the True Colors Personality Test? Check out our NEW IMPROVED Personality Lingo Personality Test 

Showing True Colors Personality Test 
This Personality Test is Brought to You by the Author of Showing Our True Colors
Trying to get a copy of Showing Our True Colors?  
Showing True Colors Mary Miscisin Test 
Learn More about the updated version of Showing Our True Colors now called PERSONALITY LINGO
Test Your Personality Savvy by reading PERSONALITY LINGO

True Colors Mary Miscisin PBS DVD

Who is Mary Miscisin?

Mary Miscisin is the Author of "Showing Our True Colors" and the Host of the Public Television Special "Get Curious - Not Furious, Communicating Your True Colors."  She offers workshops, presentations and keynotes on Personality, Temperament and a variety of other topics.

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True Colors History
History of Showing Our True Colors

Have Fun Learning with Mary Miscisin!

Mary Miscisin Learn Personality Skills


From local school districts to international conferences to Fortune 500 companies, Mary Miscisin’s fun-filled presentations will energize and engage your participants so they will bring away information and skills they’ll remember and use (more about Mary).

Watch Mary Miscisin in Action:


Whether you would like to improve communication skills, learn about personality styles, foster positive attitudes, or increase teambuilding, Mary’s entertaining style and ready-to use concepts make learning to tackle everyday challenges easy and fun. (view presentation topics)

The result is decreased stress, conflict and frustration - and enhanced appreciation for working together with diverse personalities and work approaches.

Mary’s uplifting keynotes are a great way to kick off your event and keep an on-going positive learning atmosphere throughout the entire training. Her attention-grabbing workshops are interactive and invigorating, or choose her to close your event, topping off your day with an impact that leaves a lasting impression (client comments).


Get Curious, Not Furious! Communicating Your True Colors

Watch Mary Miscisin, author of Showing Our True Colors, as she hosts this PBS Special Get Curious, Not Furious. Communicating Your True Colors. The uncut version (including over an hour of footage not seen on TV) is now available on DVD. 


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"Get ready to Laugh, Learn and Enjoy her contagious enthusiasm!"




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Personality Lingo

Personality Lingo Showing Our True Colors Update

Personality Lingo
by Mary Miscisin

is the update to Mary's classic book Showing Our True Colors. The terms have been updated, the information revised with added elements, convenient reference lists, and an expanded Introvert/Extravert section. If you liked Showing Our True Colors you will LOVE Personality Lingo!

Learn About
Personality Lingo


Praise for Mary

For her history of service and leadership in the health and wellness promotion field, Mary Miscisin was inducted into the National Wellness Institute's Circle of Leadership Excellence.

For over 30 years, Mary Miscisin has blazed a path of improving work-site wellness through understanding and appreciating personality differences - making significant contributions to the National Wellness Institute and the National Wellness Conference.

To learn more about the National Wellness Institute Click Here

Mary Miscisin is the proud recipient of the very first International True Colors Association (ITCA) Lifetime Achievement Award. Given for her numerous contributions to the advancement of True Colors and writing the book Showing Our True Colors

She hosted  the Nationally Syndicated PBS Special Get Curious, Not Furious - Communicating Your True Colors.

The groundbreaking research conducted by Mary Miscisin and Ed Redard in the area of Weight Management and Personality/Temperament was nominated for the 2009 Association
for Psychological Type International Innovations Award

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