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"Diet Styles are amazing: I found myself described perfectly I am a total player. With this new found knowledge I plan (lol) not to play so much and try to address my triggers before giving into them. I have to keep better choices on hand and get rid of the bad stuff at work and in my kitchen. I plan to use the memory management process to stop before I act and reverse the bad behaviors. I have struggled all my life with 10 – 30 lbs. Knowing my personality style   will help me drop those pounds and keep them off.. THIS TIME FOREVER.

-Karen Van Gogh,
San Diego, CA

“It is the first time ever in my life of dieting that I feel validated. I can now look at myself and laugh when I catch myself doing one of my “diet style” behaviors and I laugh instead of getting mad at myself. So far I have laughed off 5 lbs since reading the book two weeks ago”

– Sandy Roberts, Scottsdale, AZ


What's Your Diet Style Personality?

Dish Up Your Personality for the Weight You Want!

Diet Style Personality by Mary MiscisinWhy do some people seem to maintain their weight easily, while others endlessly struggle? Is it their metabolism, genetics, or love of pasta that's to blame? How do you know which diet approach is right for YOU? The research is now clear; the best diet is the one that you will follow! Successful individuals have discovered how to match their eating habits to their personality.

Our personality affects all facets of our lives—from the subjects that we like in school, to how we act in social settings, to the professions and careers we find fulfilling. It also determines why some diet and health approaches work for us, while others fail.

That’s why a weight loss approach that’s helpful for your sister, neighbor, best friend, or coworker, won’t necessarily work for you. The Diet Style system  identifies patterns that lead to weight loss success or failure for the different personalities.

Stop trying to change yourself to fit to a diet. Start being yourself and follow your personality to the weight you love!


  Explore how your personality affects the way you eat, exercise, and approach weight loss
  Identify the diet-related habits, mindset, and challenges of your personality so you can implement sustainable and responsible lifestyle solutions.
  Learn to take advantage of your unique personality strengths to lose weight – feel better, look better and have more energy.
  Discover how to harness the power of your individuality and apply it to your weight loss goals so you can take back control of your diet and your life.

Do You Know Your Diet Style?

Take this quick quiz by Mary Miscisin & Ed Redard MD to find out!



Want to take the quiz again?
You’ll need to either clear the “cookies” in your browser (if you know how) or click here to retake the Diet Type Personality Quiz
on the Quibblo site. 

Bloggers, Facebook, MySpace, Webmasters: Quibblo also gives you the codes so you can place the quiz on your site/blog/facebook account. Simply click the "Share" tab at the bottom of the above quiz to get the codes, or 
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Can't View the Diet Style Personality Quiz?

If your Ipad, IPhone, browser or other device does not support flash to take the Diet Style Personality Quiz, you can still determine your Diet Personality by reviewing the Diet Style descriptions below.

Learn More About Your Diet Personality Style

Mind, body, and spirit are interconnected aspects of my well-being. I flourish with positive encouragement and support from others.
  Diet Feeler Personality Type
When it comes to my health, I do best when I am organized. I thrive on consistency, structure, and routine.
  Diet Style Gold PErsonality 
When it comes to my health,  I am a non-conformist and prefer to rely on my own strategies. I decide which information is logical and applicable to me.
  Diet Style Thinker Personality   
When it comes to my health,  Vitality the name of the game. I like options and my freedom - variety is an essential spice in my life.
  Diet Player Style PErsonality   


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"I’ve not come across a specific diet that works for all people all of the time. This tells me one thing; either medical science hasn’t found the one “secret” diet that works for everyone—or more likely, the secret truly is matching the person with the diet that will work for them.

- Ed Redard, M.D.

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